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Canada, 2009


Photo essay by Pedro Isztin. Spirit, you are separate from the container of your impermanence. Through patience and attention, your subtle presence is revealed…


Shy shadows #1

Tommaso Fiscaletti | Shy shadows

This project is for me the first concrete step towards the externalization of what Man has within himself. With the portrayed subjects, I’ve built personal relationships and I feel they represent a differentiated spectrum of personalities. The only request I had for them was not to pose for me but just to shape their bodies […]


Budnik. Moscow. July 2010

Olya Ivanova | Weirdo

I tried to convey the complexity of adolescent identity and high intense feeling that adults will never be able to feel again. Both emotionally and physically these people feel like aliens, strangers, freaks.


Esther, 2012.

Natasha Gudermane | Mademoiselles or intimate portraits of Parisians

“I photograph my friends, as well as strangers met in the street, nude, at their homes, in their own intimate surroundings.”


PRIVATE 49, p. 08-09

Alexandra Pouzet | Intérieurs

Interiors is a series of self-portraits which questions the body and photography as ‘spaces of the inside’. These photos were taken in several houses.


PRIVATE 17 | No-Fashion

All of the photos which compose this number of ‘Private’ represent denial or an attempt at denial of fashion. […] Here we find ourselves already in ambiguous territory where the body and whatever covers it is not just commercial merchandise, or at least not entirely.

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