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One summer day, a race on the trampoline of a private beach .. boys and girls who compete from 7 meters high in free, improvised, precise styles, with the spirit of the people of my city, who want a perfect dive but also splash the audience a lot !!! The trampoline as a metaphor of a life, the looks during the climb to the top, the muscles that tense… There are those who stand on a trampoline, and those who instead look with that expression that says “why not me”. See the world from another perspective, the desire to win the race and the hope of not getting too hurt if you make a mistake.

You breathe, you look around, you think and think again. And then you jump, you hover in the air, in that air where someone rises higher, someone keeps his position di lui, and someone breaks down. But in the end, under the eyes of many observers, we always go back to where we started. How to get back there, well, it’s all up to us. I have always liked this set of shots taken in 2017, and despite an obvious triumph of summer colors, I built my reportage in blacknwhite because it seemed to me the most fluid way of telling this metaphor.

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Marco Grassi

Born and resident in Livorno (Tuscany / Italy) in 1967, he has been interested in photography since middle school days. But it is only in the last 10 years that his artistic career has changed, cutting out a space in the vast world of photography and featuring a style increasingly linked to social aspects, through his images of common life, all full of great meanings.

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