Metaphysical Body Landscapes

Metaphysical Body Landscapes
Moscow-May 2019

My childhood I’ve spent at my grandmother’s house in Romania, near Carpathian Mountains.  Seeing human’s strong bond with earth, observing nature, landscapes around influenced my understanding of earth beauty and mens connexion with it.

All being is something whole, indivisible. Earth, sky, plants, fruits, mountains, rivers, men, women, day, night  – all merged together and flows into each other. This process is infinite and harmonious.   Men came from earth,  lives on earth and will return to earth.  And landscapes of earth is seen in body curves.

Growing up I moved to live in big cities, my grandmother passed away and I felt loss of spiritual connexion with nature.

For reconnect I start to search the Landscapes in body in my photography.


Anna Lazareva

Anna Lazareva (1984). Romanian born in Kazan, Russia. Spent childhood near Bucharest, Romania. 
Finished Academy of photography in Moscow.

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