Léa Crespi | Brest

PRIVATE 46, p. 50-55, © Léa Crespi, Brest

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[S]ince 2002, Léa Crespi has developed the series Lieux, a long-term work where she stages herself in unused places. The photography is the outcome of a performance.
Léa Crespi becomes soaked with the atmosphere and with the spirit of these places in which she wanders for a long time, focused on the lights, the materials and the sounds. The bare body of the artist, at once sensual and disturbing, always blurred, contrasts with the brutality and the austerity of the architecture.
The former prison of Brest, abandoned, invaded by wild vegetation that takes back its rights, becomes the theater of a primordial experiment.
The artist creates a direct relationship with this organic and primitive universe, which reminds us of the day after a disaster.