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Alessandro Didoni – On Your Skin

Photo Book

On Your Skin, by Alessandro Didoni

Year of Publication: 2020, Pages: 84 pages, Size: 15x21cm, Price: 28€, Book’s webpage

Publisher: 89books

Scars testify that a painful event has been overcome. They represent the last step of a long and difficult path. They demonstrate the regenerative power of the flesh, which begins its healing process as soon as it is defaced. As long as the heartbeats and blood flows through the veins, the body will never stop healing wounds. Metaphorically they symbolize life and the ability to overcome obstacles. It is only after death that a wound will not heal and a scar will never be generated. Scars always tell a story.

About the author

Alessandro Didoni was born in 1977 in the province of Milan. He began studying photography at the IED after high school, fascinated by Richard Avedon and the expressive power of this language. He later became a studio assistant in Milan and for some years he worked as a wedding photographer in Sardinia. After that experience, he dedicated himself exclusively to erotic photography and reportage. His photos have been published in VOLO Magazine, Riders, Fluffer, Cronaca Vera, Tattoo Inferno, Scandali, New Gentlemen’s Club, Caffelatte Mag, Inside art and Artabout. In 2013 he published his first novel Trauma di Stato and twelve stories for the series Narrativo Presente (Autodafè Edizioni). In 2017 he published his second novel Stella di Periferia (Nulla die Edizioni). In 2017 he was included in the first edition of the Triennale della fotografia italiana at the Palazzo Zenobio in Venice.

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