Edgar Martins solo show

Paris Photo Fair 2017: Melanie Rio Fluency presents a solo show of Edgar Martins' last work on the role of photography in the representation of death.

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Neva. River for people. People for river

The people living in the Neva river valley love their river and instinctively want to see in the surrounding landscape not only natural resources, but also a source of aesthetic…

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Exposition Rêver de paysages et de lions au bord de la mer

Exposition personnelle du Studio Marlot & Chopard chez Lola Gassin, Nice du 13 avril au 10 mai 2017.

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False Terrorism – Malegaon Edition

In India there are scores of Muslim men who are falsely implicated in terror charges and put behind bars for crimes they haven't committed.

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A project about people who remain the last inhabitants of the Russian deserted villages. Those who stayed refer to this area as Desert.

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Dushkal: Drought in Marathwada, India

A severe drought in the Marathwada region of India in 2016 triggered a massive agrarian crisis.

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It's a metaphor that reflects the human condition all too often forced into patterns and plaster roles and that leaves no room for imagination.

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Mountainland: Vietnamese Photographs

Mountainland surveys the lives and societies of upland Southeast Asia.

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Guillaume Martial, Footlights

The first part of Footlights pays tribute to the inventors of the early motion picture and special effects.

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Home is a journey through the places in which I was born and raised.

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Whispers in East Berlin

In a time of rising fascism and threats to democracy around the world, this project speaks to the trauma of a government that attacks it's citizens.

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Sit back and relax… its Pondy

This is a short travel report of my recent visit to Pondicherry. This narrative will help guide those who wants a very short stay in Pondy.

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