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    4 September 2021

    Corpo – Rea, everyone has an inside and an outside

    Roma Italy “I am who I am”.I am made up of pieces, parts of a body broken down several times.Tiles…
    2 September 2021

    Art of Jatra, songs, dialogues and dances

    At one time, jatra was one of the most important means of traditional folk culture of Bangladesh. Jatra has been…
    1 September 2021

    In the tall grass

    Мinsk Belarus In the tall grass. What does tall grass hide? What is she making noise about? The photo story…
    14 August 2021

    Intersections. The bond between mother and child

    The bond between mother and child never leaves us, it is with us until the very end. It can give…
    13 August 2021

    Human, humanoid and strange animals

    Rome Italy Continuing a topic started elsewhere, to recognize what appears slightly out of place, slightly dissonant, to detect with…
    6 August 2021

    Abracadabra: London’s Transcendent Reverse

    These photographs are the first in new series which looks at what lies on the periphery, between the realm of…
    5 August 2021

    A look on some objects

    We live in strange times, even if every time, being unable to use hindsight, should look strange and uncertain for…
    3 August 2021

    The Roundel. Photo story about endless love

    Working on this project I can’t help but start asking questions for myself: when does a person actually die? What…
    2 August 2021

    Father figure, missing emotions and feelings

    Voronezh Russia My project is an attempt to see, approach, and recreate the image of my father, to live out…
    29 July 2021

    I was thrown out on the street like a kitten

    This project is a portrait of an orphanage graduate made by himself. Sergey took photos in his apartment, which he…

    One Photo Story

      16 September 2021

      Place of power

      12/09/2021 Мinsk Belarus I have a place where the soul lives. The place to which I aspire, where I want…
      14 September 2021

      The revived doll, a myth

      12/09/2021 Krevo Belarus The revived doll is, without a doubt, a myth. However, how often do we meet this strong,…
      11 September 2021

      Memories cannot be erased from memory

      05/09/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia Memories cannot be erased from memory. They are deeply rooted in the subconscious. A moment or people…
      8 September 2021

      Growing up

      04/08/2021 Krevo Belarus What is growing up? Does it always happen with children? Or sometimes, a person enters into this…
      31 August 2021

      Unity with nature

      21/08/2021 Alapaevsk Russia Have you ever thought that everything in the world is interconnected. Man is nature. This is a…
      29 July 2021

      Probability theory or reality

      25/07/2021 Argayash Russia At any second in the world, there are variations of everything that our imagination can imagine. The…
      23 July 2021

      Self-portrait with daughter

      13/07/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia The feminine principle speaks of true beauty, which lies in the unity of souls. I would like…
      16 July 2021

      I look into the eyes of animals

      How wise they are. Every being has a reflection of all life. Signs are read in their image, gait, behavior…
      14 July 2021

      Brahma Kamal, a legendary flower

      05/07/2021 Bhopal India I was just sitting on my bed, recalling my day as it was birthday and thinking what…
      10 July 2021

      Covid-19, still in place in Bangladesh

      09/07/2021 CHITTAGONG Bangladesh Covid situation in Bangladesh is severing day by day. Bangladesh is currently facing a renewed surge in…
      1 July 2021

      My mother’s flower

      My mother's flowers, like herself, are beautiful. They are gentle, soft and kind. There is so much love and beauty…
      25 June 2021

      The candy floss seller

      This is a picture and story of a minor candy floss seller from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


        17 August 2021

        They put me to the test

        26 July 2021


        6 July 2021


        28 June 2021

        A Mysterious Giant

        26 June 2021

        Ti cerco

        31 May 2021

        Due frammenti

        26 May 2021

        Speranze nel vento

        19 May 2021

        In una stanza

        8 March 2021

        Decoding Autumn

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