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    16 October 2021

    Windows (Behind the glass)

    Minsk Belarus What place do windows occupy in our life? What do they represent? Why is the window so attractive…
    15 October 2021

    The apple never falls far from the tree

    St. Petersburg Russia One day I found a box in the closet, forgotten by everyone, with my father’s photo film…
    14 October 2021

    Special place, in contact with nature

    Ciociaria Italy In a special place, alone, nomadic, in contact with nature, a musician lives a new, primordial, genuine experience.…
    13 October 2021

    The Making of Goddess Durga

    Kolkata India Durga Puja is the biggest festival for Bengalis worldwide and it all starts with the idols from these…
    12 October 2021

    Inter – connection

    Rome Italy Connect with your body to the external environment through geometries and lines that similarly represent us, being one…
    8 October 2021

    Eyes and glances tell stories

    Roma, Palermo, Messina Italy The eyes tell stories even when the lips are silent.In the series of photographs that I…
    27 September 2021

    “Interior”, a whole world of abandoned works and structures

    Italy has an extraordinary artistic heritage in the area, it is said that 70% of the works of art in…
    25 September 2021

    Long live the photographers!

    Roma Italy It is great fun to watch my fellow photographers at work. I love to see their contortions, unnatural…
    24 September 2021

    Do not lock children in their loneliness!

    Krevo Belarus With this series of pictures, I wanted to show the loneliness of children. Closure in their problems, hopes…
    23 September 2021

    The Shipwreck of the Coast

    Gytheio, Laconia Greece At Valtaki beach, a little further from Gytheion town, in the southern Peloponnese, a ship rots in…

    One Photo Story

      25 September 2021

      From summer to fall

      18/09/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia The condition from summer to autumn causes mood swings in many people. The best thing that can…
      22 September 2021

      Swinging on the rope

      17/09/2021 Hung Yen Vietnam The parks are secured with ropes to prevent trespassing during the COVID-19 lockdown in a small…
      21 September 2021

      Two ways of understanding art

      19/09/2021 Livorno Italy On a day of strong wind, on the cliff of Livorno, a small town overlooking the Tyrrhenian…
      21 September 2021

      Hanoi lockdown

      16/09/2021 Hanoi Vietnam 8 million people in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) have been forced to stay at home for…
      20 September 2021

      Don’t eat me!

      12/09/2021 Minsk Belarus In Belarus we have a tradition, almost all people in autumn start so called “silent hunting“, picking…
      16 September 2021

      Place of power

      12/09/2021 Мinsk Belarus I have a place where the soul lives. The place to which I aspire, where I want…
      14 September 2021

      The revived doll, a myth

      12/09/2021 Krevo Belarus The revived doll is, without a doubt, a myth. However, how often do we meet this strong,…
      11 September 2021

      Memories cannot be erased from memory

      05/09/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia Memories cannot be erased from memory. They are deeply rooted in the subconscious. A moment or people…
      8 September 2021

      Growing up

      04/08/2021 Krevo Belarus What is growing up? Does it always happen with children? Or sometimes, a person enters into this…
      31 August 2021

      Unity with nature

      21/08/2021 Alapaevsk Russia Have you ever thought that everything in the world is interconnected. Man is nature. This is a…
      29 July 2021

      Probability theory or reality

      25/07/2021 Argayash Russia At any second in the world, there are variations of everything that our imagination can imagine. The…
      23 July 2021

      Self-portrait with daughter

      13/07/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia The feminine principle speaks of true beauty, which lies in the unity of souls. I would like…


        17 August 2021

        They put me to the test

        26 July 2021


        6 July 2021


        28 June 2021

        A Mysterious Giant

        26 June 2021

        Ti cerco

        31 May 2021

        Due frammenti

        26 May 2021

        Speranze nel vento

        19 May 2021

        In una stanza

        8 March 2021

        Decoding Autumn

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