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I could never envision her persona, never understand her sorrows and joys, until quite recently when I stepped into her secluded life, in an old house, a sanctuary for her Alzheimer’s.



Le modalità del vivere del pastore transumante si alternano tra stabilità e precarietà, l’attaccamento sedentario alla terra e l’essere nomade in continuo movimento


La maglia gialla

La maglia gialla è il veicolo che conduce la storia attraverso le fasi che ho vissuto, dall'epilogo col quale comincia fino alla rinascita.


Back to the Negatives

Recently I started going through my old negatives and made some wonderful reconnections with stories I have not seen for twenty-five years. It is like being reacquainted with old friends.


Silent Moscow

Night photography was a pretext to get drown in the darkest places of the city, the same way and for the same reasons one can drown into alcohol.