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    For millenniums, humans have exceeded their biologically determined limits and have increasingly developed the ability to act and function on the basis of intellect, reason, and structured thinking. Memory, language, and the development of civilization have been fundamental in the writing of History, and all of the above have been intrinsic features of human culture. However, history suggests that the development of human societies is full of contradictions and paradoxes: all too often, despite human…


    29 March 2024

    Helping the Healing, physiotherapy in a public hospital in South Africa

    Helping the healing, the physiotherapy department of Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa plays a part of a multidisciplinary healthcare…
    25 March 2024

    Holi, a colourful celebration of Life

    People celebrated Holi festival with colour at Radharani temple of Vrindavan ,Uttar Pradesh, India 12.03.2022 Holi is a vibrant and…
    22 March 2024

    The General Post office [GPO] Kolkata Celebrated it’s 250th anniversary

    17/03/2024 Kolkata India The General Post Office (GPO) Kolkata is celebrating its 250th anniversary this month. The postal system was introduced in…
    20 March 2024

    Local Street Market – A thought to a very essential but overlooked lifestyle

    Local street markets work as dynamic centres of trade and social interaction because they are frequently teeming with people. These…
    19 March 2024

    A letter to Lillian Bassman

    Dear LillianThank you for your photos. I wish I could be your friend. We’ve never known each other. We are…

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