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La maglia gialla

La maglia gialla è il veicolo che conduce la storia attraverso le fasi che ho vissuto, dall'epilogo col quale comincia fino alla rinascita.


Back to the Negatives

Recently I started going through my old negatives and made some wonderful reconnections with stories I have not seen for twenty-five years. It is like being reacquainted with old friends.


Silent Moscow

Night photography was a pretext to get drown in the darkest places of the city, the same way and for the same reasons one can drown into alcohol.



St Petersburg seems an apparition, which can vanish as unexpectedly as it materialized in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. It creates its Heroes, it tells its stories.


Vision of collapsing memories

A sense of romantic nostalgia, of freedom, the precious silence and the whispering voices of those times, where we were different men, accompanied me throughout this journey. And they will remain with me forever.