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    25 October 2021

    People & Frame Drum

    Belbec Russia “The Middle East frame drum is one of the oldest musical instruments dated more than 3000 years (Doubleday…
    23 October 2021

    Number 3 became truly magical for me

    Кarmaskalinsky districts, Karmaskali, Russia The number three is considered special in many cultures and Russian is not an exception. We…
    22 October 2021

    Carbon, a chemical element of the periodic table with the symbol C.

    Milan Italy Carbon is a chemical element of the periodic table with the symbol C. It is present in nature…
    21 October 2021

    Creator of life

    Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Alapaevsk Russia Creation is an innate need, the main condition of life balance. You can’t just live. It’s…
    20 October 2021

    Leaves on a windy afternoon

    Favaro Veneto (Venezia) Italy I have been capturing images with my camera since I was a child, always self-taught, and…
    19 October 2021

    Cops, closely followed

    Trieste Italy Policemen.The vision we have of them seems simple. From the outside, through the media, watching movies or TV…
    18 October 2021

    What is life in the commuter town of ​​the post-Soviet space?

    Saint Peterburg Russia People used to return from the business center to a residential area to spend the night and…
    16 October 2021

    Windows (Behind the glass)

    Minsk Belarus What place do windows occupy in our life? What do they represent? Why is the window so attractive…
    15 October 2021

    The apple never falls far from the tree

    St. Petersburg Russia One day I found a box in the closet, forgotten by everyone, with my father’s photo film…
    14 October 2021

    Special place, in contact with nature

    Ciociaria Italy In a special place, alone, nomadic, in contact with nature, a musician lives a new, primordial, genuine experience.…

    One Photo Story

      19 October 2021

      Rising star

      12/10/2021 Novi Ligure Italy Sometimes we think that everything might be lost and when it happens, we should rise our…
      19 October 2021

      About loyalty and love

      10/10/2021 Krevo Belarus There is a lot to be said for the love and loyalty of dogs. But it seems…
      25 September 2021

      From summer to fall

      18/09/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia The condition from summer to autumn causes mood swings in many people. The best thing that can…
      22 September 2021

      Swinging on the rope

      17/09/2021 Hung Yen Vietnam The parks are secured with ropes to prevent trespassing during the COVID-19 lockdown in a small…
      21 September 2021

      Two ways of understanding art

      19/09/2021 Livorno Italy On a day of strong wind, on the cliff of Livorno, a small town overlooking the Tyrrhenian…
      21 September 2021

      Hanoi lockdown

      16/09/2021 Hanoi Vietnam 8 million people in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) have been forced to stay at home for…
      20 September 2021

      Don’t eat me!

      12/09/2021 Minsk Belarus In Belarus we have a tradition, almost all people in autumn start so called “silent hunting“, picking…
      16 September 2021

      Place of power

      12/09/2021 Мinsk Belarus I have a place where the soul lives. The place to which I aspire, where I want…
      14 September 2021

      The revived doll, a myth

      12/09/2021 Krevo Belarus The revived doll is, without a doubt, a myth. However, how often do we meet this strong,…
      11 September 2021

      Memories cannot be erased from memory

      05/09/2021 Yekaterinburg Russia Memories cannot be erased from memory. They are deeply rooted in the subconscious. A moment or people…
      8 September 2021

      Growing up

      04/08/2021 Krevo Belarus What is growing up? Does it always happen with children? Or sometimes, a person enters into this…
      31 August 2021

      Unity with nature

      21/08/2021 Alapaevsk Russia Have you ever thought that everything in the world is interconnected. Man is nature. This is a…


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        28 June 2021

        A Mysterious Giant

        26 June 2021

        Ti cerco

        31 May 2021

        Due frammenti

        26 May 2021

        Speranze nel vento

        19 May 2021

        In una stanza

        8 March 2021

        Decoding Autumn

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