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Sergei Stroitelev

Sergei Stroitelev

Born in Leningrad, Russia 26/06/1985. I am a freelance documentary photographer based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia working on a regular basis with National Geographic Russia, VICE UK, Takie Dela, Bird in Flight magazines, others. At the moment my photographic interests lie in the areas of violation of human rights such as gender, racial and health prejudice, aftermath of conflicts particularly migration which I explore with the help of different visual languages and often using my personal experience. I am the awardee of the number of international contests such as: winner of Istanbul Photo Awards 2018 in Daily Life Story category; winner of Debuts 2018 photocontest organized by Doc! Photomagazine; winner of Luis Valtuena Humanitarian Photography Award 2016 granted by Doctors of the World NGO, others. I also teach photography at Fotografika academy in Saint-Petersburg.

Absorption and Merger

Modern rituals of consumerism and essence of human nature.


Blue Dot

The project explores anxiety and the process of struggling with it through ritualism which is so important for every human-being.

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