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Alessandra Calo
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Alessandra Calò (Italy, 1977) lives and works in Reggio Emilia. She spends her time working as a freelance photographer and a visual artist, devoting herself to the latter with passion and curiosity, practicing new languages, and using re-appropriation techniques to resume historical memories that rebuild the fabric of our memories. She has developed her passion for art independently, starting with a focus on photography, material experimentation and the creation of installations. Dominant in her work are memories intended as a mood combined with reality, instead of the intention of evoking a lost time forever. She defines herself an "image creator" for the way she mixes different materials together, this method it is communicated through a language meant to suggest emotions without the need of too many words. Calò's works are exposed in contemporary art galleries, photographic festivals in Italy and abroad.


Kochan, una sorta di diario personale per raccontare il lungo viaggio che il protagonista compie alla scoperta della propria identità e del proprio corpo.