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Pierre-François Moreau | School

Good news, it infuses this issue with a sense of joy, and with an aspect of carefree childhood seized in flight. There is a feeling of solemnity, but a tender solemnity. An innocence that confronts the world, its difficulties and the trials of study, but it is amusing, happy, and touching.

PRIVATE IntroductionsPRIVATE Writers

Hans Durrer | Hope

Since we are living, to a large part, in a socially constructed world – think of the legal system or of bureaucracy, for instance –, social reports can be pretty much about anything and everything that explores conditions and trends in a community.

Ami Steinitz | Meta Reality

A living environment is a defined terrain where actual and imaginative perceptions are mutually experienced. The current flow of global information intensifies the simultaneous sense of personal space, and images serve as its geographic and emotional expansions.

Dan Savery Raz | The Leaders

Ah, these are the leaders /These are the leaders – / Madmen in suits. / Believing in numbers, percentages and sanity / Drawing bar-charts to rationalize tanks and air strikes…

Dorit Weisman | Sarah

Of all the things in the ad what attracted me / Was the beauty of Sarah / And I stood there, or sat, today, Friday morning, / A winter sun warms me up in my purple clothes…

Tammara Or Slilat | Miscellaneous

My youngest daughter called from the army, / just returned from an ambush in the desert, this time / they intercepted two men who tried to smuggle Hashish from Egypt…

Tammara Or Slilat | Rosh Hashana

I can't believe it's / a new year, again / it has crept up on me, softly, surreptitiously, / though the signs, of course, were written on the wall…

Ana Elsner | Forgetting Eyes

Not in a tinplated / beggar’s cup of watery soup / do I perceive your countenance. / Not in a fine white china / dish of consommé…

Chris Mansell | The good soldier

on someone else’s place / it seems to him the land / slings distance way out / the dirt is dead and / the sky seems twisted / the beat of the stones is wrong…

PoemsPRIVATE Writers

Alessio Zanelli | Getaway

Mist and dew / no longer inhabit the dale. / Plumes of smoke are the reeds / in the miry oxbows. / And the snow-hearted boy / who ran above the sky / on feet of Favonius / and with locks of Sol…

PoemsPRIVATE Writers

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley | City

At night, it is like fire / spreading beneath us. / This vast city / aflame, and the plane / groaning. / The city is more beautiful / from the sky at night. / At noon, it looks like / a worn-out garage, / a thing in the middle…