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Alexandra Pouzet | Intérieurs

PRIVATE 49, p. 08-09
PRIVATE 49, p. 08-09

Alexandra Pouzet, Intérieurs, from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences

To exceed the surface to reach the depth is what nudity seems to tell us and it’s what photography engages with.
Interiors is a series of self-portraits which questions the body and photography as ‘spaces of the inside’. These photos were taken in several houses.

To establish an echo between the photography and its referent, between these internal spaces limited by walls and these internal spaces limited by frames. To strengthen this feeling of the spirit, according to which we are locked inside a body and we are living in a body as we live in a house. Then, as a house as a body is an intimate entity, the representations of what animates us intrinsically is an images of our ‘inside’. To translate this duality lived by the body, that of inside and outside, duality embodied by the house as a closed space, the place of the hidden but also a space opened to the outside, to the world. Finally, to confront with it ‘I is someone else’.

Openings, passages, thresholds, corners and hidden corners, gaps, windows, walls, houses and photography are diverse places of coincidence. Meeting and confrontation between the open and the closed, between the center and the periphery, between the internal and the outside.



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