Intersections. The bond between mother and child



Everything consists of points, lines and their intersections. A person’s path from birth to death is a line and everyone has their own unique one. Nature also draws its lines, which have no similarities. The connection between motherhood and nature is also in intersection. All this leaves its imprints, both in physical form and in spiritual.

The bond between mother and child never leaves us, it is with us until the very end. It can give strength and it can cause pain as well.

When a woman has a child, her body changes but sometimes she does not accept these changes. Or maybe there is beauty in this? You just need to look at it from a different perspective.

Ufa, Russia – August 2021

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Elena Sakurova

The main subject of Elena's art is motherhood. The author finds her inspiration in her triplet daughters. Elena takes everyday life portraits watching her children growing. Her photography is a story about children’s relationship, about sisters’ closeness, about their childhood. In 2021 Elena made a project about connection between a woman and nature, beauty of female body and motherhood.

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