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Marco Grassi

Born and resident in Livorno (Tuscany / Italy) in 1967, he has been interested in photography since middle school days. But it is only in the last 10 years that his artistic career has changed, cutting out a space in the vast world of photography and featuring a style increasingly linked to social aspects, through his images of common life, all full of great meanings.

A life in change

One day not far away, in a place bordering the city and the hills, a rainbow seemed to show me…

Photo Exhibition

1st Photo Contest “Piazza Grande”

22 interpreters of photography, women and men, will exhibit their shots. A journey through the visions of a group of…


“Interior”, a whole world of abandoned works and structures

Italy has an extraordinary artistic heritage in the area, it is said that 70% of the works of art in…

One Photo Story

Two ways of understanding art

19/09/2021 Livorno Italy On a day of strong wind, on the cliff of Livorno, a small town overlooking the Tyrrhenian…



Metaphor: a summer's trampoline

One Photo Story

Connection with the Elements

Connection with the Elements is an evocative shot, on the edge of a beautiful location where Nature, the sea, the…

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