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Canada, 2009

Nuance, photo essay by Pedro Isztin

Spirit, you are separate from the container of your impermanence. Through patience and attention, your subtle presence is revealed.

Nuance (2008-14) takes the convention of the nude beyond a simple portrayal of beauty. By capturing unconscious, relaxed, and characteristic gestures of the body, the individual in the portrait is revealed.

The subject of Pedro’s photographs is the moment when the model relaxes his/her guard, capturing transparency and self-revelation, subtle shades of meaning, slight degrees of differences, feelings, and tones. Pedro’s use of natural light sympathetically illuminates the vulnerability of the subject, allowing the viewer to connect with the person in the portrait.

Q&A with Pedro Isztin

Photography is…
Reflecting, reacting and describing to life through light and motion.

Photography and writing…
The combination creates a story, a reflection, a literal mirror to the mind and spirit of its author.

Who left the biggest impression on you?
Everyone has a story, whether reflected on paper, sung in song or kept silent in mystery. In its complete reality, we’re all a massive collective of One humanity; it is Creation, that life in motion between the infinite cycle of birth and death that leaves the most integral impression on my conscious senses.

Tell us a little about yourself
As I get older, I realize how important it is to honor life. It is a gift that I am lent to self-realize, create and make peace with. Karma is an essential part of my life. To me, the goal of this lifetime is to synthesize All into one humble moment of thanks.

Pedro_PortraitPedro Isztin ( Pedro’s photographs reflect the richness of his diverse heritage. Born in 1964 to a Colombian mother and Hungarian father, Isztin lives in Ottawa, Canada. His recent work explores monolithic structures, (in the series Remains), inner life and outer world, (the installation Sami), the subtlety of a human gesture, (Nuance), and studies of land and humankind’s influence on nature (in The River, Study of Structure and Form, and The Glade)    → more

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