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  • Afreen

    Confined to a small, urban room in a typical Indian city, a young girl navigates her personal sense of beauty.

  • Crime Scene

    Oppression and internal emigration where even the sky is a crime scene. Isolated hopelessness. Mourning for peace and an elusive ray of hope. In this photo series, I aimed to express my emotions about the past year and a half…

  • Tango Magical Atmosphere

    Several couples of dance enthusiasts had gathered to dance in that lonely, abandoned place.

  • Unmissable objects

    This images have in common that they do not tell a story, but only hint at it, and no one will ever know these stories, least of all the photographer.

  • Wanderland

    Before being a photographer, I used to walk a lot. I walked for years on the streets of Lille, the city where I grew up.

  • Looking a little sideways

    My personal way of relating to the images I see and reproduce photographically is a bit more transversal in the choice of subjects…

  • Rejected items in a second life

    If we consider a photo as a slice of reality, I want this slice to be as surreal as life itself can be.

  • Nouveau Terrain

    “Nouveau Terrain” is a disquieting photography series visually contemplating current vast political turbulence in Israel.

  • Mounting the Scaffold

    As a place in constant flux, full of ephemera and the ephemeral, the city has long been an important site for photographers.

  • Small wheels, an elegy

    The cornerstone of this work is wheels, and it seems almost a tautology; ever since they were invented in the very distant past, still lurking on the edge of prehistory.

  • Fireplace

    My focus lies in discovering the distinctions—the divergent final images—within the repetitions of the initial snapshot. This concept forms the underlying thread that unites the entire project.

  • Insignificance; to make its presence felt

    Of all the characteristics of the modern world, crises, contradictions, oppositions, intersections… what impresses me the most is the insignificance… Cornelius Kastoriadis Phenomenal?Subjective? I wonder!Can you create something when you don’t think it’s important? Can you move away from what…

  • Blind Faith

    Taxi Pickup Area, Taichung Station, Taichung City, February 7, 2023 Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Stephen Hawking In early 2023, after most Covid-related measures had been lifted, I spent about a month…

  • Beach scape like a tabula rasa

    Often, during the summer months, I make trips locally to the North Norfolk coast. There, the promontories overlooking the beach at Cromer offer the chance to tilt the canvas, as it were, and test the graphic legibility of figures as…

  • The Unspoken Emotions

    It’s extremely difficult to explain such feelings as loneliness, sorrow, fragility, downfall, and abashment. They reside deep within the human soul, intertwined like the threads of a complex tapestry, each emotion leaving its mark. These poignant sentiments are captured in…

  • Surreal games

    The images that make up this work, taken at different times and in different places, are united by a playful, light-hearted and slightly surreal atmosphere.At a time that is in many ways worrying and full of war clamour on the…

  • The Shape of Memory

    Father's Tools as NM Monuments. After my father's passing I photographed all of his tools and blended them in Photoshop with his property in Missouri imbuing each tool with a memory of Missouri.

  • Wild Strawberries

    “Wild Strawberries” (2020-2023) The tart smell of strawberries warmed in the sun. The air is so warm that it is hard to breathe. Tram’s grinding on rails. The rustling of leaves. Blinded by gold through the squinting when the bus…

  • A certain feeling of precariousness

    The existence of men and things is afflicted, or perhaps blessed, with a high degree of precariousness; life itself is change, if only because it goes through different stages, and is nevertheless finite. No matter how hard we try to…

  • A chant from childhood

    Dates and events are not as important as the images that we will carry through our lives, which will always resonate in us.

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