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  • Passer-by

    In the City, in addition to landscapes, non-places or famous and much-photographed squares, there are the passers-by: unknown people intent on doing things, or simply passing by where the photographer’s eye sees them and catches a gesture, a juxtaposition, an…

  • The dance of a sandworm digger

    It was a late spring afternoon on Tra Co beach, Quang Ninh, Vietnam, when the sun was approaching the horizon. Mr.Vien, a local fisherman, started his working day as soon as the tide went out from the shore. Pushing the…

  • ‘Parts of Life’ with Mourning Flowers

    “Parts of Life and morning flowers”, still-life photography study, celebrates the presence of body organs, which are essential for vitality! Frequently these scenes are accompanied by beautiful altered mourning and grieving flowers. Flowers are frequently part of a grave scene;…

  • Mocking juxtapositions

    When contrasting elements enter, either by chance or deliberately, into the same frame, a juxtaposition can be created that smacks of mockery. It may be that the photographer casually picks up a surreal detail that contradicts the rest of the…

  • A newfound harmony

    On October 9, 1963, the tragedy of the Vajont took place, people and villages swept away by the giant wave of water raised by the dam.

  • The intimate similarity of nameless places

    I personally have a predilection for this kind of ‘non-places’. I find that if one is fortunate enough to happen upon them and look at them with a sufficiently attentive eye, one can recognise similarities in them.

  • Breath

    "Breath" is a message of hope, reminding us that even in the face of insurmountable tragedies and challenges, we have the power to make a difference when we stand together.

  • Finding Dapio

    Since I became a father, my permanent solitude and melancholia that had always accompanied me in my life seemed to have left me.

  • A slight drift: dystopian details

    Dystopian etymologically means ‘out of place’, and is used in medicine to define an organ that is not in its correct position; this word has since acquired another meaning, especially in the literary sphere: something disturbing because it refers to…

  • You can see it in my eyes

    I desperately, maybe even too much wanted to enjoy and love this time.But I didn’t succeed at all. I tried to love the people that in my picture of the world I should love and enjoy talking with them. I…

  • Nostalgia: a life disrupted by war

    The story of an immigrant’s remembrance of a life disrupted by war. Cold earth and blackened gun-metal. Taking with you only the most precious and essential.

  • The hamster wheel, superfluous details

    In hamster cages, there is often a swivel, a hollow wheel fixed on two pins into which the animal slips and starts to run, but obviously always stays in the same place.

  • The golden ape: freaks, aliens, animals, and other cheerful nightmares

    A small review of objects, people, animals, both common and not, which, due to the context in which they are depicted, or their attitude, turn into alien figures, freaks, or strange creatures.Cheerful nightmares, though, with just a hint of irony…

  • 12 August 2022, 11.50

    The images are part of the “clouds” project, a project that I started in July 2019 and that I have developed in several series (images and videos). Clouds are a subject that has always fascinated me; they are something that…

  • Fragment of “weltanschauung”: statuesque and incongruent

    Roma Italy The city where I live is full of sculptures of all kinds, in museums, buildings and squares: pompous representations of heroes or marvellous masterpieces accumulated over three thousand years of history, statues carried in processions, copies of famous…

  • Making the much out of the little: a programme

    Extracting the maximum from the minimum could be an oxymoron, an operational agenda in the field of photography, or more generally a wise way to cope with the travails of these prolific times.

  • The feeling of being slightly out of place

    What binds the characters animating this series of images is the common feeling that there is something slightly out of place in their being.

  • Slightly misplaced still lives

    Still life, often considered boring, immobile, in reality, if you have the eyes to see, hides within itself endless stories to tell

  • 404 ERROR

    Coming from a country with the most stringent censorship restrictions made me a conservative photographer who was constantly concerned about what I was permitted to shoot and display.

  • Crooked figures in the City

    Roma Italy Hooded characters, faces covered or barely distinguishable, often shot from behind, are the crooked figures that give this collection its title.I wanted to put together a selection of images that give an account of the atmosphere of a…

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