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“Twelve”, a story about how to remember what was forgotten

The tram stopped on Kastanienallee, past the house where Micha lived. Or still lives? I do not know that anymore. It went north to Weißensee. Past the small cinema. Once we were there very late and very drunk, I think there were three of us, and we were alone in the entire cinema. I can’t remember who? We sat there and watched a surreal film.

Afterwards I didn’t feel like I was in the wrong place. I think Felix was there. Then maybe it was Marie? Eberswalder, Stargarder, Thommy’s old apartment, the little spots of my life, like little fleeting memories that sometimes pop up only to be forgotten again. Me and Philipp’s old apartment on Herthastraße. The TWELVE is a tram line that travels through lost time, through forgotten memories, and then suddenly wakes them up again.

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Victor Kataev

Victor Kataev was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. After an exchange program with Kiel University he finished his medical studies in Germany and… More »

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