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Two Must Go Places in California For Anyone

If you’re planning a trip out West, mark your calendar for two must-visit destinations: Yosemite National Park and the Huntington Library. While these gems may require a bit of financial investment, their awe-inspiring beauty promises an unforgettable experience that’s worth every penny. Rather than scrolling through Instagram or looking at photos and videos online, why not go there yourself. For the ultimate experience,consider scheduling a visit during the spring months, when nature is at its most captivating.

Reflection of Yosemite Valley over a frozen lake during early morning-12/24/23

At Yosemite, you are able to become one with nature, at a price of $30 for an entry fee. By taking mile-long hikes, you are able to see the different mountains that tower over you and the falls that come from each of them, each adorned with its own seasonal quirks. I had recently gone a couple of days before Christmas, and as I expected, it was a sight to see. Although the food was not that great, I was able to make the most of my few days there taking photos of the valley and stars. After I left, I was presented with an opportunity to go to the botanical garden, Huntigton library.

Yosemite Falls during the winter-12/24/23

Although its name suggests an area filled with books, it is more of the opposite. Huntington Library showed a new world with different regions of the world all being presented in acres of land. With more fees to be paid, you can see a mini version of ancient Asia and Europe. Rather than paying large expenses for airlines, you can view pagodas, a Japanese castle, European art, etc. Each transition to a new location also provides another opportunity to make yourself immersed in the environment. Such as the peaceful bamboo pathway or quiet wooden bridge.

Hidden pond at the Mirror Lake hike at Yosmite-12/23/23

Being a photographer, I viewed these places to be worth the money for the views and memories they bring. Even though they cost some amount of money, you can make the most of your time for a budget friendly option. Plus you are able to send postcards to all of your family and friends, making them believe you are in Yosemite or β€œAsia.” Start planning your trip now and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget.

El Capitan During sunset-12/22/23
Bridge at Japanese Garden of Huntington Library-1/4/24
Pagoda over a lake at Chinese Garden of Huntington Library-1/4/24
Small bamboo path at Huntington Library-1/4/24
Small European-styled pathway at Huntington Library that leads to the Japanese Garden-1/4/24
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