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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.
Ethical question

On the road

No one has the ability to divine the future, and Cassandra was not too popular and beloved by her fellow…


Tango Magical Atmosphere

Several couples of dance enthusiasts had gathered to dance in that lonely, abandoned place.


Unmissable objects

This images have in common that they do not tell a story, but only hint at it, and no one…


Looking a little sideways

My personal way of relating to the images I see and reproduce photographically is a bit more transversal in the…


Immobility. Postcards from an almost abstract place

For some time now I have been feeling a sense of leaden stillness pervading our lives; here and elsewhere in…


Hellenic divertissement on the theme of Hades

Images, between classical reminiscences and a pleasantly scrappy modernity, joking about the theme of Hades.


Small wheels, an elegy

The cornerstone of this work is wheels, and it seems almost a tautology; ever since they were invented in the…


Surreal games

The images that make up this work, taken at different times and in different places, are united by a playful,…


Taciturn windows

I have always loved windows, mine or those of others, I have often photographed them, fantasising about what unknown lives…


Urban landscapes

I wanted to render this air of slight necrosis with the leaden images that make up this report, almost devoid…


The thunderstorm suddenly

A few days ago I was near Piazza Esedra in Rome when the sky suddenly clouded over and a violent…


A certain feeling of precariousness

The existence of men and things is afflicted, or perhaps blessed, with a high degree of precariousness; life itself is…


Absurd little messages

Pessages or drawings that, whether intentionally or not, border on the absurd or veer into the surreal/

Ethical question

Invisibility in plain sight

There are people who sometimes by choice or much more often by a series of misfortunes and adversities find themselves…



In the City, in addition to landscapes, non-places or famous and much-photographed squares, there are the passers-by: unknown people intent…


The city and the ebb: minimal places and objects.

At this beginning of the year 2023, I sense more clearly that the City is folding in on itself, in…


Mocking juxtapositions

When contrasting elements enter, either by chance or deliberately, into the same frame, a juxtaposition can be created that smacks…


The intimate similarity of nameless places

I personally have a predilection for this kind of ‘non-places’. I find that if one is fortunate enough to happen…


A slight drift: dystopian details

Dystopian etymologically means ‘out of place’, and is used in medicine to define an organ that is not in its…


Tanned for the holidays: Christmas 2022

This year-end we are all a little bit dressed up for the holidays, so why not account for it? I…

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