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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.

The city and the ebb: minimal places and objects.

At this beginning of the year 2023, I sense more clearly that the City is folding in on itself, in…


Mocking juxtapositions

When contrasting elements enter, either by chance or deliberately, into the same frame, a juxtaposition can be created that smacks…


The intimate similarity of nameless places

I personally have a predilection for this kind of ‘non-places’. I find that if one is fortunate enough to happen…


A slight drift: dystopian details

Dystopian etymologically means ‘out of place’, and is used in medicine to define an organ that is not in its…


Tanned for the holidays: Christmas 2022

This year-end we are all a little bit dressed up for the holidays, so why not account for it? I…


The hamster wheel, superfluous details

In hamster cages, there is often a swivel, a hollow wheel fixed on two pins into which the animal slips…


The golden ape: freaks, aliens, animals, and other cheerful nightmares

A small review of objects, people, animals, both common and not, which, due to the context in which they are…


Undue juxtapositions

These days, and at my age, as well as being justifiably worried and uncertain about the future, indeed precisely because…


Real and metaphorical sunsets

Sunset even before being a particular moment of the day is a metaphor.In literature as in the figurative arts, it…


Surreal squares

Slightly surreal atmospheres are the theme of this short collection of images of places or people, collected mainly in Rome,…


Something inappropriate behind the back

Often there are things behind our backs that we are not aware of: the gaze of a stranger, rather than…

Ethical question

Tribute to the breaks

Stopping for a moment, taking a break, the images I present here share this theme in different keys; whether one…

Ethical question

The city in suspense

In these worrying twenties, events are happening one after the other that leave us disturbed and bewildered.It is not worth…

Ethical question

On the Titanic’s deck: puzzled conviviality

Most human beings like to eat and drink, especially in company, and conviviality is one of the joys of life…


Fragment of “weltanschauung”: statuesque and incongruent

Roma Italy The city where I live is full of sculptures of all kinds, in museums, buildings and squares: pompous…


Making the much out of the little: a programme

Extracting the maximum from the minimum could be an oxymoron, an operational agenda in the field of photography, or more…


The feeling of being slightly out of place

What binds the characters animating this series of images is the common feeling that there is something slightly out of…


Slightly misplaced still lives

Still life, often considered boring, immobile, in reality, if you have the eyes to see, hides within itself endless stories…


Backs turned, ‘Les Adieux’

With backs turned, as we grow older, we begin to think of the goodbyes, our own and of others we…


Crooked figures in the City

Roma Italy Hooded characters, faces covered or barely distinguishable, often shot from behind, are the crooked figures that give this…

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