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Giorgio Gerardi

I live in Italy, in Favaro Veneto (Venice). Around the age of twenty, I approached the study of the History of Art, as an autodidact, and I began my personal photographic research. I got fascinated by the artistic Avant-garde of the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, and also the artistic currents of Minimalism and Conceptual Art. All these artistic phenomena attracted me mostly because they focused on the analysis of the visual medium, than to the staging of reality and its representation, as the history of Art and Photography had instead accustomed us. In recent years, I have focused on some details of the environment around me: clouds, leaves and trees, and everyday objects that you daily have under your eyes.

Leaves (from image 6723, details)

The series that I present is called “Leaves (from image 6723)”, and is part of the “Leaves” project. The images…



My focus lies in discovering the distinctions—the divergent final images—within the repetitions of the initial snapshot. This concept forms the…


12 August 2022, 11.50

The images are part of the “clouds” project, a project that I started in July 2019 and that I have…


Leaves on a windy afternoon

Favaro Veneto (Venezia) Italy I have been capturing images with my camera since I was a child, always self-taught, and…

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