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Daniel Durazo

Born in Arizona, I grew up in the city of Tijuana. Besides the United States and Mexico, I have lived in Japan, Honduras, Oman, The Bahamas, and Colombia and have journeyed to dozens of other countries on four continents. My travels have instilled in me a deep curiosity about how others live, work, and see the world. And—perhaps not surprisingly—my wanderings have nurtured an equally profound longing for home. My cynical sense of humor belies a sometimes naïve optimism and hope for humanity, and I enjoy being in awe at the extraordinary unlikelihood of human existence—or of anything existing at all, for that matter. I hope my photography sparks something in you—a feeling, a thought, a memory, an understanding. Thanks for stopping by.

A Man Died in a Small Town: Colombia

A man died. He was the mayor years ago, and his son is the mayor now. What looked like the…


Waiting in a Dark Room

I know developing photographs in a darkroom involves chemistry and physics, but as I watch my uncle at work it…

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