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Sveta Kaverina

Sveta Kaverina is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice revolves around themes of memories in their unreliability; personal loss; vague national identity and lack of credibility the world can offer to a human being in general. Working with these themes Sveta focuses on half-mysterious nature of photography which transforms normal, everyday appearances into extraordinary, spiritual, eternal meanings. Sveta predominantly works with long exposure, surrealism in pictures, deconstructing of common shapes and traits. She is fascinated with the dimensions these methods can contribute to portraiture. All in all Sveta searches her artistic designation in reconsidering the role art plays when helping a human to live his life full of traumas and unforgivable misapprehensions.

Somewhere else

I started this project to tell a story of the city I lived in for 7 years, the city I…

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