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Key landmarks in the eternal city

In order to dispel the rumour that Friday 17 November is a particularly inauspicious and unlucky day on which it is better not to do anything, I went for a walk around Rome with my camera and happened upon that writing in English about the fundamental landmarks in the City towards which a seagull seemed to be looking slightly sceptical.
I identified with him and his questioning that it was, who knows why, a fundamental landmark and so, a bit for fun, I put together a few photos taken that day and in the weeks before, proposing some of my own, equally arbitrary, landmarks and the characters that inhabit them.
The result is the small series I present here, made up of images that differ in theme and taken at different times, but which have in common a vaguely absurd air, because the City is strange, and my very private and somewhat unbalanced points of reference are certainly not fundamental: they only propose a politely absurd urban geography.

A key landmark of the eternal city. Rome, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, November 17th 2023.
Heel 12. Rome, Via Gregorio VII, September 27th 2023.
The three little monkeys have gone. Rome, Via dei Corridori, October 17th 2023.
Blessings. Rome, Borgo Vittorio, October 31th 2023.
Just to be clear with everyone. Rome, Piazza della Maddalena, November 13th 2023.
Buddha behind bars. Rome, Via Crescenzio, November 17th 2023.
The bionic lady rides a Vespa. Rome, Via in Aquiro, November 13th 2023.
Replacement wheelchair. Rome, Largo di S. Carlo al Corso, November 17th 2023.
Lack. Rome, Piazza Cola di Rienzo, November 15th 2023.
Serenade for captive Ladies. Rome, Via della Croce, May 30th 2023.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


  1. A very unusual but very deep point of view for an hidden Rome that lives in a blink of a peculiar photo. Only Pietro Coppa can do this little but big miracle with his camera!

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