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I started this project to tell a story of the city I lived in for 7 years, the city I loved, I miss, I can never come back to. My memories do not fade with time, but get more and more prominent and painful. Just like my feelings towards the city which become more and more complicated.

The project offers the spectator to think if it is at all possible for one to return to a place he knew well and loved truly, but then abandoned with regrets. Is there such a place in reality? Or does it exist only in one’s mind? Is it still a spot on a map, or is it already one’s idea of the paradise lost? Does the city created of nostalgia and regrets have something in common with the real city?

When you walk round the circle of the same memories for a long time, you begin to mutter to yourself with the same words. And the identical letters of the identical words begin to resemble the forest. I wandered through this forest for so many times that I am no longer afraid to be lost. December 2023
It’s strange to me that we were able to have sold this house. How is it possible to sell something that belongs to you forever? Something that does not make sense without you? Something you have wholly invented? Perhaps it has just dissolved behind us when we had left and turned away from it. November 2023
I look at a tiny china doll and it woks for me as a metaphor of my memory. The doll also needs to be seriously redone – a fabric body needs to be added, and some inner substance needs to be filled in. Before that it is just an idea of a doll, with ugly holes perforating its breast. November 2023
When I wake up I can find myself anywhere, even in the house I don’t own anymore. But what if it will all change when I open my eyes? October 2023
When I wake up I can find myself anywhere, even in the house I don’t own anymore. But what if it will all change when I open my eyes? November 2023
My nostalgia serves me as a projector screen:with its help I can show myself any movie, and I can play any role in this movie too. I regret I am not good in writing blockbusters’ scenarios, but what I can do really well is to make my only spectator cry hard. December 2023
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Sveta Kaverina

Sveta Kaverina is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice revolves around themes of memories in their unreliability; personal loss; vague national… More »

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