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Visitor, the flavour of a city

The flavour of a city is not only made up of buildings, more or less famous monuments, squares and streets: it is a truism to state that it is also made up of the images of the people who inhabit it, visit it, walk through it for the most varied reasons.

But is this flavour, this scent an objective fact? I think it is more in the eyes and head of those who want to describe it.

Each of the figures in this work, portrayed in the streets of the City, is a visitor from another world, his own and only known to him, who gives the photographer with his appearance only the opportunity to invent a story, an atmosphere, an impression of the City.

Contemplation. Rome, Ponte Giuseppe Mazzini, May 24th 2023.

Because each of these stories is not his own, which we are not allowed to know, but the one that the photographer sews on him from a few visible elements; a posture, an attitude, the position in the frame rather than the juxtaposition of different aspects are from time to time the elements of a personal and arbitrary tale about the atmospheres and the slight strangeness that one breathes in the City.

Annoyed by photographer’s click. Rome, Piazza Navona, November 8th 2023.
Death and the Maiden (tribute to Shubert’s quartet). Rome. Pincio gardens, June 28th 2023.
Sleeper. Rome, Piazza Navona, June 30th 2023.
Miracle! Where did he go? Rome, Piazza Navona, October 30th 2023.
Postcard. Rome, Piazza S. Pietro, June 7th 2023.
Separated at birth (Tribute to Letizia Battaglia). Rome, Terme di Caracalla, November 4th 2023.
The bishop’s movement. Rome, Via della Traspontina, September 30th 2023.
Mandatory passage for pedestrians. Rome. Via Giulia, October 25th 2023.
Nocturnal. Rome, Piazza Cola Di Rienzo, November 15th 2023.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


  1. La bella citazione di Schubert, il Vescovo con paramenti sacri che attraversa la strada indifferente – lui e chi gli passa accanto – infine l’uomo che a novembre, di notte, va cercando libri su una bancarella
    con tanto di cappello di Panama in testa: sembra di stare a NY, tutti indiani metropolitani!

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