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A letter to Lillian Bassman

Dear Lillian
Thank you for your photos.

I wish I could be your friend. We’ve never known each other. We are in different epochs. Nevertheless I can have you as a tutor and encourager thought the times.
You sang of the femininity. It was fragile and airy. You brought elegance and grace to the fashion photography. You sought to “free photography from gravity” and created incredible images for your time.
I like your abstract impressionism. I mean it is hard not to love.

I’d like to follow your style but a bit in my own way. You’ve been always faithful to black and white. You were convinced that color destroyed the mystery that was so important in both women and photography. I put some color to my pictures. You took skinny models. I took quite a common girl.
It’s out of question I can’t be as great as you are. But I’m trying to put some your atmosphere to my work. The process is nice. It’s like if I had met you and talked to you.

It’s so great to have the opportunity to touch you through your photos.

Your great fan.

My best model, Valentina/ 10.2023
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