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About light and shadow: a set of images

Light and shadow chase each other, contradict but complement each other: one could not exist without the relationship with the other.
Sometimes light, artificial or natural, makes the details of an image clear, but shadow lurks to add depth and ambiguity; at other times, darkness blurs everything into a dark greyness, and it is a blade of light or a contrast that breaks the uniformity and gives prominence to the contours, perhaps reduced to a silhouette, of things and people.

A blade of light. Rome, Piazza Cavour, November 28th 2023.

Or the reciprocal play between shadow and light can result in the multiplication of a thousand intermediate tones between absolute white and deep black: extremes and their contrast cannot be ignored, but only the poor in spirit think that this exhausts every possible interpretation of reality.
Shadows and light, nuances and contrasts, themes of great aesthetic or metaphorical significance, which I however prefer to treat with a certain levity in the images of this work.

Profile of a street vendor. Rome, Piazza di Spagna, December 1st 2023.
Who did this? A metaphysical question. Rome, Ponte Vittorio, December 3rd 2023.
From darkness to light, a metaphor? Rome, Piazza Esedra, December 19th 2023.
The moustache of Genghis Khan. Rome, Via Tomacelli, January 18th 2024.
Jealousy scene. Rome, Via del Corso, January 24th 2024.
Ghost of a White Lady. Rome, Via del Corso, January 24th 2024.
Souvenirs. Rome, Via della Conciliazione, January 30th 2024.
Irony under the bridge. Rome, gardens of Castel S. Angelo, January 30th 2024.
Lights and shadows, before descent. Rome, Via Vespasiano, February 8th 2024.
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Pietro Coppa

Nato e vissuto a Roma, fotografo per antica passione.


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