The mystical face of Prague

In spite of the passage of time, Prague continues to maintain its reputation as an enchanted city. That's why...

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New York: perfect geometries

New York is a tangle of cement and steel that create dynamic and almost perfect geometries. I tried to capture these fascinating shapes in perpetual motion.

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If you see the sky

If you see the Sky / you’ll find your lullaby / Those are your bones, / travelling in the Universe / If you talk to the Sky / you’ll get your gold desire... / Nobody can / go back…

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Time… I would like to have more time / To repair the branches I have broken. / To make those eyes that now cry… To make them bright, with joy…

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Lady Snow and her Silence

'Lady Snow' is a solitary journey, through the silent and snowy lands of Abruzzo. Appreciating the silence that surrounds nature and cities. Looking for our inner peace.

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Where was god?

Where were god? Where was god while your inner world was falling apart? Where was god while the events of life drained your energy and…

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Desert… / If you’re looking for yourself / The shadows of your ancestors / Will lead you up to the light / Desert... / Draw a big wheel of stones / Let the sun caress your…

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Darkness and light in Berlin

December is a month that makes even more fascinating and mysterious Berlin, one of the most vital, multicultural and, simultaneously, quieter capital cities in Europe.

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Ghost Morning

First dawn of a Sunday morning. All around, endless fields of wheat crop.

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A mother like many others

Well, the eyes of a mother will always speak the same, pure universal language…

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