Time, by Gianluca John Attanasio

Time… I would like to have more time
To repair the branches I have broken.
To make those eyes that now cry… To make them bright, with joy…
Time… I need more time
To reattach those pages I had cut down
To recolor the photos that I let fade away
Time… Now you are my enemy
When yesterday,  just yesterday,  I mocked you, because you were flowing so slow.
Time, you know… I have no more time…
Now you’re leaving me in the uncertainty of what remains to me…
Crumbs of time. Perhaps, microscopic grains…
I would like to have more time, but my time has almost expired.
Maybe, I just have the time to end this sentence
So, I take this opportunity to tell you that you won.
I played with your time, believing it would be infinite.
But, in this material time, you are finished, too.
Countdown. Where? When? How?
Time to apologize,  and I’ll be,  already,  disappeared…

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Gianluca John Attanasio

Gianluca John Attanasio

I am a composer, photographer, journalist and writer. I create music being inspired by “images in action” or by memories emerging from old, forgotten photos… Inversely, when I shoot pictures I get carried away by the ‘sound of life’. Photos are witnesses of a past / present that leaves inseparable and unique traces of experience in all of us. Behind any picture there’s an ‘invitation to life’, to an experience which almost regenerates itself miraculously, like when you relisten to a beautiful melody coming from the past. And that music always sounds powerful and amazing, because it’s moving yourself just like the first time you listened to it. This is what I call “power of Music”. This is what I also call “power of Phography”.

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