Where was god?

Poem by Gianluca John Attanasio

Where were god?
Where was god while your inner world was falling apart? Where was god while the events of life drained your energy and paralyzed body and soul?

While the clock was chattering in your head like a jackhammer. And the silence was a one-ton crystal vase shattered a few millimeters from your ears.
And where were you? And she, your only love?…
Who were you? Where was that mute god?
Where was the road that led to the ice water fountain? The little Virgin Mary – statue which saved country from the volcano’s lava? Where were the hands that would grasp? The words that could cure? Blue skies… Silver waterfalls… The lines of beauty. Strength of hugs that could save… Where was God while your body was turning into a phantom but people would continue to applaud for you… Where was God? God was too busy expanding the Universe