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​Desert, by Gianluca John Attanasio

If you’re looking for yourself
The shadows of your ancestors
Will lead you up to the light

Draw a big wheel of stones
Let the sun caress your shoulders
Your spirit’s fire burning in the East

Bare feet, stars, and slow pace..
A trip around the dry universe
To regain your pure breath…

The shaman’s calling you by name
His vision tells you about of your thirst
Of truth and knowledge

You’re dancing. Eyes turned skywards
The domain of energy
Be guided by fate…

The best trip in the emotions…
You get lost in this fire
To find your soul again…

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Gianluca John Attanasio

I am a composer, photographer, journalist and writer. I create music being inspired by “images in action” or by memories emerging from old, forgotten photos… Inversely, when I shoot pictures I get carried away by the ‘sound of life’. Photos are witnesses of a past / present that leaves inseparable and unique traces of experience in all of us. Behind any picture there’s an ‘invitation to life’, to an experience which almost regenerates itself miraculously, like when you relisten to a beautiful melody coming from the past. And that music always sounds powerful and amazing, because it’s moving yourself just like the first time you listened to it. This is what I call “power of Music”. This is what I also call “power of Phography”.

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