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Lady Snow and her Silence

A solitary journey, through the silent and snowy lands of Abruzzo.
Ovindoli, Abruzzo(Italy) – February 2018

Lady Snow and her Silence
by Gianluca John Attanasio

When you’ve been living in the silence for years, eventually you’d like to lose yourself in the noise of the city. When you lose the ability to hear the silence, you regret it, craving to embrace it, even if only for an instant. Listen to the silence of the snow: in her blow, the actual present stops. In her ‘white’ is imprinted the good soul of the world. Look at her. Touch her softly…

Photograph all of her almost, imperceptible nuances. The snow is like an old lady coming from the past: she knows the reality of things that ‘are’ and ‘will be’, by covering them with mystery and respect. She envelops them in a silence that seems abysmal. Things change in substance. Things change their meaning and you can capture their real essence. Snow and silence live for each other: Lady snow and her dumb way to indicate the reality… The silence back to talk. And you go back to listen to…

Scanno, Abruzzo (Italy)- February 2018
Lago di Barrea, Abruzzo (Italy) -February 2018
Rifugio Passo Godi, Abruzzo (Italy) – February 2018
Valletta Barrea, Abruzzo (Italy) -February 2018
Scanno, Abruzzo (Italy) Strada statale 479

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Gianluca John Attanasio

I am a composer, photographer, journalist and writer. I create music being inspired by “images in action” or by memories emerging from old, forgotten photos… Inversely, when I shoot pictures I get carried away by the ‘sound of life’. Photos are witnesses of a past / present that leaves inseparable and unique traces of experience in all of us. Behind any picture there’s an ‘invitation to life’, to an experience which almost regenerates itself miraculously, like when you relisten to a beautiful melody coming from the past. And that music always sounds powerful and amazing, because it’s moving yourself just like the first time you listened to it. This is what I call “power of Music”. This is what I also call “power of Phography”.

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