Do you speak to yourself? Yes, I do. Much like Santiago I speak to myself. The conversation increases when night descends. I blabber about the world, my insecurities, my happy moments and I listen to myself patiently. Often these conversations with myself gives birth to a new me every morning. It starts with the tongue. The words slowly takes the shape of a fragile creature which I don’t know how to name. Slowly the creature swims within my mind tracing every nook and corner of memories. I feel altered as a human being. As the creature created with my own words starts travelling within me, I feel as if every ounce of me is being kissed to a different darkness. I realize that I am exploring corners of myself which I don’t want to face. But then also I allow it to happen. Maybe I enjoy this. And when my soul is dripping with the nectar of the darkness explored within, I lie down and sigh. My skull bursts like an egg shell giving birth to a universe. Bits and pieces of my skull creates various constellation amidst this enchanting dark. And finally I see the creature and smile.

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