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Ayan Dawn

A resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, Ayan Dawn is currently pursuing B.A (Hons.) in English from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belurmath (Calcutta University). Ayan has worked as a writer in National Geographic Photo Camp (2018) and also featured as a citizen journalist in The Quint. As a writer, Ayan believes that stories are all around us; one just needs to train his eyes and ears to find them. Besides writing, Ayan is also passionate about cinematography

Lockdown visions

Horror! I see an empty land-a land where people used to laugh and be merry. The land is eerily silent.…

One Photo Story

Midnight visions

I realize that I am exploring corners of myself which I don't want to face. But then also I allow…

Short stories

A Lullaby of Life

It all feels good now. These wanderings, these touches, these ugly faces-these moments! Our kisses and souls are so young…

Short stories


It's getting serious! One night goes, another comes and I remain here with my eyes open at a time when…

Short stories

From “Poetry” to “Poet”

From “Poetry” to “Poet” by Ayan Dawn Now I am far away from you drowning in the nectar of alienation,…

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