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One Photo Story

We want to see your world. Take one picture, tell a story.

  • Scarecrow

    Loneliness is the absence of noise. Silence is the numbing of life. The poet: a restless soul, unable to awaken from the oblivion of a worn-out existence.

  • Bride of the forest

    A lot of things here are new to me, interesting, but most of them are frightening, alien, wild and incomprehensible, unusual.

  • Have you seen me?

    I want my voice to be heard. Because I am not safe in my home (Russia). But I can’t remain silent about important social and political issues.

  • The recovery of a peatland

    15/10/2023 Kien Giang Viet Nam Located 60km away from Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province, Vietnam is the U Minh Thuong Mangroves (means the upper part of U Minh region, the lower part is in Ca Mau province).In March 2002,…

  • A tranquil dream

    In the heart of a verdant realm, where emerald leaves entwine, there dwells a girl named Aranyani, a guardian divine, a protector of the jungle.

  • Everyday Saint Lucy

    Each morning, Lucy would stand at the road intersection, clad in her best attire, hopeful of earning a small income…

  • Silence in Marrakech

    At 11 o'clock in the morning, I departed from Marrakech to Casablanca by train. Around midnight, my bed in the sleeping car shook violently for about 20 seconds

  • To cut a long story short…

    Adolescence is often known as a time of “emotional turmoil” when pre-teens and teens are more prone to addictions and anxiety disorders.

  • Tribal Children

    The photo was captured in a remote tribal village of Purulia district of the state of West Bengal, India. When I was there to cover a local festival.

  • Pillars of new reality

    The basement of the house is still firm and strong but other modern building technologies change our realty. You can not build huge sky scratchers without small and tiny items like construction crane. Same way we can not build our…

  • Aranyani

    Aranyani, The Goddess of Nature, the Jungle goddess is a mother, she never wants to hurt people but her son daughters are hurting her in the daily life...

  • Disposable Gloves

    That photo was taken in Siberia. The idea was born when I saw how many disposable gloves turn into garbage. The call of humanity for reasonable consumption.

  • An Unfulfilled Dream of A Boy

    The boy in the picture is Sakib. Everyday morning, he comes with his mother. His mother works as a maid in almost every apartment of our building. It was only 3 months of Sakib’s birth when he lost his father…

  • Alleys

    Through this photograph I tried to tell a moment about day life in the historic centre of Genoa, in Italy. This is a street photography shot, in black and white. 27/05/2023 Genoa Italy

  • Uncertainty, illusiveness, vagueness

    …uncertainty, illusiveness, vagueness – awareness of the lack of information…the most intuitively familiar category that surrounds a person throughout his life. Uncertainty is especially clearly felt during the war… Everything is ghostly… the city, the streets, the people… BUT there…

  • Osprey with prey

    An Osprey bird is flying with a fish after catching it. It was taken in a remote village of Burdwan where migratory birds come in every winter time traveling long distances. 25/01/2023 Burdwan India

  • Coming of age

    Four young women dressed in traditional kimonos celebrate their official coming of age, which in Japan is age twenty. The scene is Kyoto’s Garden of Fine Arts, where classics from the western canon are reproduced in a modernist setting. The…

  • Sands of Devotion

    The Arabic Bedouin, a nomadic desert-dwelling people, have a deep-rooted spiritual connection with Allah, the Islamic deity. Their prayers to Allah form an integral part of their daily lives and reflect their unwavering faith and reliance on the divine. For…

  • At the festival

    The girl wearing a traditional costume is preparing for the dance performance at the annual music and dance festival in Komi Republic, Russia. 17/05/2023 Syktyvkar Russian Federation

  • King Chonk

    Every Mountain and Forest has a guardian. Sometimes these guardians are large and sometimes they are small. Sometimes they make their presence known and sometimes you’ll never see them or know they’re there. But they are all mighty. And when…

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