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Athina Chroni | Self-portrait

[T]he model (= the person being taken picture of) will loose or keep some of the characteristic elements of its personality regardless the fact that an effort has been made to render it in a realistic manner or not: being the object (?) in the hands of the creator-photographer it is possible to be treated by him as an easily shaped material or not, which depends directly on the creator’s ability or wish.

Yet, what happens when the photographer decides that he himself is the object? Who has the leading part in this case? How able is he to keep distances, become the observer of him-self, decipher the folds of his personality and render them in pictures?  Finally is it possible through (the creation of) self-portraits to achieve concience of yourself – even partially – and become familiar with its intricacies? Also how vulnerable can you become by bringing to the surface pieces of your personality?

The Self-portraits unity (22 black & white self-portraits in total) has been created in the years 1996-1997 and part of it has been presented in February 1997, in group exhibition.

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