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Anders Petersen | From Back Home

PRIVATE46, p. 08-13, Anders Petersen (From Back Home)

Buy PRIVATE 46 [H]olding fast to his direct style, full of close-ups, out of the frame points of view, huge contrasts and banal, sometimes grotesque or disturbing details, Anders Petersen nevertheless offers a sensitive portrait, with classical accents, of his native region of Värmland, which he strode along with JH Engström. Memories and imagination are conversing.

He writes at the beginning of the book (From Back Home, Max Ström, 2009): «The land between Kläralven River and the chestnut tree at Ekallén is full of little hard memories of sad and lonely times, but there is also a streak of warm confidence that runs all the way up to Älgsjövallen, a place of fairy tale creatures and inquisitive moose. I’m carrying my camera, shooting these old dreams through the foliage. It means my memories can never be destroyed, because they no longer end in themselves».

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