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Eleni Maligoura | Readings

[T]o find oneself in the landscape of Delphi is a global experience which photography is incapable of describing. This is a uniform, indivisible landscape, one whose atmosphere is unique: it is simultaneously old and new, one which traverses time. The past and the present co-exist in it, as do experience and knowledge both experiential and cognitive. The myths and the ancient past of the site lie heavy here; the landscape itself is like a vortex which drags one down into the depths of time. Yet at the same time there is also a material aspect: the stone, earth, vegetation, humidity and light which return us to the present. Any attempt to render the landscape of Delphi in its entirety is doomed to failure in advance, since we know that a photograph can only exist as a fragment. One might hypothesize that the site is no more than the sum of its parts; yet as soon as that unity is broken, the magic fades away. Thus, all that is left for the photographer to do is interpret, to read the landscape, not to render it; to create a photographic reality which reflects the echoes this landscape leaves in him, a sequence of images setting out from the dimension of space and ending with a series concerning the dimension of time.

The units of which this piece of work consists are called: Roads, 1996. Landscapes I, 1977. Landscapes II, 1977. Fragments, 1977. Geometry, 1997. Reading I, 1997. Reading II, 1998. Memory, 1998.

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