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Trash from childhood




And it’s like trash. Old toys from childhood. Students gave something. When I look at them, I remember my mother’s hands, children’s laughter and pride, pride in myself and others… after all, gifts used to be a merit, a small reward.


Ekaterina Malafey

Born in 1983, Cheboksary. Specialization: fashion and portrait photography, street photography, still life photography and art photography. Education: 2020 Training course on Photo contest and media by Yulia Artemyeva, Moscow; 2020 Training course on Basics of studio shooting by Vlada Krasilnikova in School of contemporary Photography PHOTOPLAY, Moscow; 2019 Completed full learning course on Basics of photography by Andrey Rogozin in School of contemporary Photography PHOTOPLAY, Moscow; 2019 Training course Immersion in photography by Yulia Artemyeva, Moscow.

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  1. You can see the somebody’s life in this photograph! so many details and nostalgia. Congratulations!

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