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Stefanos Chronis

Work as a mathematician in a public school. I am an amateur photographer. Like to express myself through photography. I believe photography can be used to inform and lead to greater understanding of the world. Can bring people to question what is happening around them-us, engendering interest in places, people and cultures. Like photographing Ethnic-folklore and social documentary projects in my trips in Greece and around the world. My photos are a combination of street, reportage & travel photography. Photos of mine have been published at National Geographic and Vogue Italia.

Chora, a village of Amorgos island , Aegean sea

Chora, the capital of Amorgos, is a medieval village located 400 meters above the sea and is surrounded by windmills.…


A Municipality Urban Cleaners Portrait

Ms. Caliroi works hard. When the public fruit market in Chalandri area (Athens city), ends she undertakes with other cleaning…


Loneliness or Solitude

Perhaps my most favorite photographic form is this one. A person “inside” a place. How does someone place himself in…


Guca trumpet Festival

The Guca trumpet festival, world renowned and ancient annual brass band festival started 1961 in the small village of Guca,…


Traditional local coffee shops in Greece

Greece From the interland to the coastline and to the islands, from the small forgotten villages to the provincial towns…A…


Kabaddi sports, a mix of struggle, speed, flexibility and tactics

Kabaddi sports, Traditional running and wrestling games of the Sikh immigrants in Greece


Srilanka is smiling!

My last trip made to Sri Lanka. We were able to discover one of the most beautiful countries of the…



Immigrants create history and contemporary social reality of the cities. It is impossible to delineate and capture the image of…


Unknown prayer in Athens

The “Unknown prayer” Project aims at visualizing the existence and presence of immigrants in urban space through their places of…

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