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Srilanka is smiling!

Sri Lanka

My last trip made to Sri Lanka. We were able to discover one of the most beautiful countries of the whole planet. Our travel was full of exciting moments. A mixture of different cultures, religions, languages, backgrounds was revealed in front of our eyes. In any case, we are sure for one thing… people in Sri Lanka smile easily and they give you big smiles!

For 15 days not only we have toured a large part of the island by public buses or local trains but also we’ve been sailing or hiking. Sri Lanka is the photographer’s paradise! I’ve found friendly, helpful and smiling people everywhere and also, pleased to get photographed even by someone they didn’t know.

Someone shouted at me and immediately he hugged passionately his wife and asked me to take a snapshot of them. An old woman yelled at her granddaughter who was holding some kittens to come closer, so as to take a photo of them. When a man who was fishing in the river saw us, he smiled at us and offered us the fish he had just caught. These are only some incidents of these smiling and gentle people.

There is a combination of Indian origin and Buddhism religion among the majority of the inhabitants of this country that gave me the impression of open-minded and hospitable people, simple and gentle, with their own culture and history.

Sri Lanka is smilling! Discover it!

Nilaveli beach
Trincomalee city
Kalutara urban area
Ella city
Nuwara Elliya town
Tea plantations
Kandy town
Villager at Dambulla area
Polonnaruwa area
Sigiriya rock
Inland islander
Anuradhapura temple

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Stefanos Chronis

Work as a mathematician in a public school. I am an amateur photographer. Like to express myself through photography. I believe photography can be used to inform and lead to greater understanding of the world. Can bring people to question what is happening around them-us, engendering interest in places, people and cultures. Like photographing Ethnic-folklore and social documentary projects in my trips in Greece and around the world. My photos are a combination of street, reportage & travel photography. Photos of mine have been published at National Geographic and Vogue Italia.

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