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Loneliness or Solitude

Perhaps my most favorite photographic form is this one. A person “inside” a place. How does someone place himself in the environment, in a region, in a place, in a landscape? Whether if it is known or unknown. Whether small or spacious. Either familiar or inhospitable. Either fruitful or indifferent. Either colorful or monotonous. How does a person find his coordinates? What is his quadrant? Β Ξ‘m Ξ™ looking for the position of the candidate protagonists of my frame? Or am I wondering about my own place in space and time? How high to climb, which angle to use, how close to approach, how fast to respond…

A collection of 10 photos from different parts of the world.

Romania, city of Brasov.

Myanmar, Buddhist temple at lake Inle.

Senegal, city of Dakar.

Holland, city of Hague.

Morocco, Dades gorge.

Srilanka, Ramboda falls.

Serbia, provincial town of Guca.

Iceland, waterfalls down the street from Kirkjufell mountains.

Jordan, inside Petra archaeological site.

Bilbao, Guggenheim museum.

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Stefanos Chronis

Work as a mathematician in a public school. I am an amateur photographer. Like to express myself through photography. I believe photography can be… More »

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