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A Municipality Urban Cleaners Portrait

Ms. Caliroi works hard. When the public fruit market in Chalandri area (Athens city), ends she undertakes with other cleaning employees who work in the municipality to deliver the street clean for the residents. I visited the place 4 times last summer, I met her and she accepted with smiles to collaborate on the creation of a small photo story.

Cleaning workers work hard, 3 or 4 or more hours. In the midday hours the heat is unbearable and the smell of garbage is disgusting. I was very surprised that most of the cleaning workers were women. A part of our city’s human resources probably unknown to most people that exaggerates itself. So happy for the little joy I gave them by taking them printed photos. The selection and order of the photographs from a larger set was made with the criterion of establishing a beginning, middle and end in a linear narrative.

People buy fruit
Cleaning workes begin their job
Hard work
Ms Caliroi
Most employes are women
Many hours
Main character, a strong person indeed
Short break
At last, the end of todays job
Till next sunday

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Stefanos Chronis

Work as a mathematician in a public school. I am an amateur photographer. Like to express myself through photography. I believe photography can be… More »


  1. Muito bom seu trabalho, photo de rua e acontecimentos que muitas pessoas não dá espaço!! parabéns!!

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