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Anna Dyatlovskay

I am Anna, a beginner photographer, I am 40 years old. I love cinema, literature, theater, music, painting and photography. Throughout the year, I study the techniques and tools for creating art photography. During training, I constantly change the angle of my perception. I am inspired by the works of various photo artists and take off my world to show it to others.
One Photo Story

Going sammer

Remembering the warm days of the passing summer, I want to shout: "don't go away!!!!" we only have to hope…

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Kids flowers

They say that children are the flowers of life. I agree with that statement. Children adorn our lives. They fill…

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At sky level

You see everything from above and feel like you're part of the universe. A huge universe. In the daily bustle…



Pancake Day is a Slavic holiday with its own traditions. It ends on a farewell Sunday with the burning of…

One Photo Story

Rainy day

  06/06/2020   Chernogorsk   Russia This photo was taken three days ago. Taken on the camera of my mobile…

One Photo Story


  04/06/2020   Chernogorsk   Russia Today the world is going through a difficult time. The time when a pandemic…

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