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At sky level




Siberia is a territory of taiga, steppes, mountains and rivers. Ergaki Natural Park is picturesquely beautiful. In the summer morning, the mountains look like a foggy albion. It seems that you can touch the clouds with your hands. The sun barely breaks through the dense cotton wool of the mist. The clouds leave shadows and float very quickly to unknown destinations. It seems you’ve reached another planet. On a planet where sizes are different from what they’re used to. You see everything from above and feel like you’re part of the universe. A huge universe. In the daily bustle of our lives, we forget about it. But next to nature, you feel it.

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Anna Dyatlovskay

I am Anna, a beginner photographer, I am 40 years old. I love cinema, literature, theater, music, painting and photography. Throughout the year, I study the techniques and tools for creating art photography. During training, I constantly change the angle of my perception. I am inspired by the works of various photo artists and take off my world to show it to others.

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