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I don’t remember when I fell in love with this holiday. Pancake Day is a Slavic holiday with its own traditions, celebrated during the week before the Great Lent. It ends on a farewell Sunday with the burning of a scarecrow in the form of a Russian woman, meaning winter, it is a rite of meeting of spring. Shrovetide is celebrated on a scale when pancakes are baked, fairs are held, relatives of deceased people are remembered and, according to the old Russian tradition, they ask each other for forgiveness.

For many years I have been celebrating this holiday in Shushensky, on the territory of the museum, the spirit of the 19th century is especially felt there. The life of that century. This is the day when you can see people of any age dressed in folk costumes and buy incredibly beautiful handmade items, jewelry, wooden kitchen utensils, clay pots, children’s toys made of birch bark and lace carefully bound by women. All this atmosphere resembles a 19th century movie.

Games and roundelays, the noise of children, the pedestal of horse hooves of riding children, songs to the harmonica and the general expectation of the finale of this holiday burning the stuffed animal. Holidays are different all of them unique, but this I love for the brightness of colors and the elusive smell of spring.

Laying hay.
Ball of desires
Donation collection for the Church.
At the samovar.
Carved dishes. Craftsmen’s fair.
Painted toys and dishes.

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