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Today the world is going through a difficult time. The time when a pandemic is marching around the planet, all kinds of social facilities are closed and temporarily not working. Schools, kindergartens, cinemas and all kinds of amusement parks, both for adults and for children. People were isolated in their homes with their loved ones. Children are tired of gadgets and they want entertainment. In this photo, the girl is Dasha, she is 5 years old. On this day, my mother asked Dasha, what would she like to do to make her interested? She replied that she wanted to play in a beauty salon. And I asked my mother for a makeup bag.


Anna Dyatlovskay

I am Anna, a beginner photographer, I am 40 years old. I love cinema, literature, theater, music, painting and photography. Throughout the year, I study the techniques and tools for creating art photography. During training, I constantly change the angle of my perception. I am inspired by the works of various photo artists and take off my world to show it to others.

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  1. Wonderful photograph! It is so important to capture every moment as your family grows.

    1. Thank you Marina! Yes, these moments need to be captured, because childhood passes so quickly.

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