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The revived doll, a myth




The revived doll is, without a doubt, a myth. However, how often do we meet this strong, exciting image in the folklore and rituals of different countries and peoples. Ever since childhood, I was worried about the question of the relationship between the doll and its owner. And the fact that there is a relationship is beyond doubt. We give the dolls names, thereby endowing them with certain character traits. By playing with them, we communicate emotions to them. The doll becomes a sacred object. Comparison of an inanimate doll with a living person enhances its deadness. However, being a man-made inanimate, the doll carries life in itself. All this adds up to a contradictory and exciting image. As opposed to a man to a doll.

The doll in the photo sets fire to the window frame. She seems to be challenging her mistress. Perhaps avenging indifference. For the fact that she has not played with her for a long time.

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Maria Bartosh

My name is Maria Bartosz. I am 35 years old. I am very passionate about photography. But I’m not doing it professionally yet. I… More »

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