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Maria Bartosh

My name is Maria Bartosz. I am 35 years old. I am very passionate about photography. But I’m not doing it professionally yet. I am at the beginning of my career.
One Photo Story


09/01/2022 Крево Belarus The photo was taken in the village of Krevo on 9.01.2022.In this portrait, a young man living…


Cheslav rides on a cart, and the horse runs…

Krevo Belarus This series of photographs was taken in the village of Krevo, Belarus. October 2021. In the portrait, Cheslav…

One Photo Story

About loyalty and love

10/10/2021 Krevo Belarus There is a lot to be said for the love and loyalty of dogs. But it seems…


Windows (Behind the glass)

Minsk Belarus What place do windows occupy in our life? What do they represent? Why is the window so attractive…


Do not lock children in their loneliness!

Krevo Belarus With this series of pictures, I wanted to show the loneliness of children. Closure in their problems, hopes…

One Photo Story

Place of power

12/09/2021 Мinsk Belarus I have a place where the soul lives. The place to which I aspire, where I want…

One Photo Story

The revived doll, a myth

12/09/2021 Krevo Belarus The revived doll is, without a doubt, a myth. However, how often do we meet this strong,…

One Photo Story

Growing up

04/08/2021 Krevo Belarus What is growing up? Does it always happen with children? Or sometimes, a person enters into this…


In the tall grass

Мinsk Belarus In the tall grass. What does tall grass hide? What is she making noise about? The photo story…

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