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Night bark of dogs is our lullaby

Night bark of dogs is our lullaby
Pinsk, the farm Solominka, Belarus – April 2019. The lamb in the stable

Tired by day
We sing lullabies for dark times
What is the point of fighting?
The power of darkness is rising from underworld.

Throught this project I am discovering the mystical Strength living on the edge of small and unexplored country calling Belarus. To do this, I settled on the farm, where my acquaintance with this Strength and rituals of the inhabitants began.
This place only seems calm. But if you get there, you will hardly get out. From all sides – a swamp, in the middle is Sleepy Valley. The locals laugh: they say that Strength lives here, which at first glance you will never accept for the Strength. Gloomy and quiet: almost like the inhabitants themselves. It slumbers behind the reeds, never going out without a reason.
But if someone cannot fall asleep in any way, or the sadness and grief gnaws a man, then a fairy tale happens.

Pinsk, the farm Solominka, Belarus – February 2019. Night trees

People go barefoot into the street at night, bow their heads to the ground. And just sit.
The Strength understands everything, flies out of the reeds. And how it starts rushing around the farm and waking up dogs in the huts!

“Howl, bark and growl! Sing your lullaby at night!”

And there already the wind flies in – stroking saddened heads.

And a man hears something whispering: “The night is with you”.
And his fatigue hides in the ground. He will return to his hut, climb into bed. Curls up and listens.

August 2019. The night leaf

The earth is shaking, the wind is moaning, the dogs are barking – singing their lullaby for him.

And the person understands: this place is insignificant only at first glance. And his sadness is grave only at first glance. He drives away his grief – and falls asleep.

(from the farm Solominka, unexplored Belarus)

April 2019. Plays on the night farm
Belarus – January 2019. Neighbors’ owl
November 2018. The road to the emptyness.
November 2018. Night Spirit of the tree
August 2019. Butterfly as a good sign in the night
December 2019. Ice in the swamp
August 2019. Tha farm dod at night
November 2018. The web under the snow
September 2019. One of the most ancient cabin and pine in the evening farm
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Liliya Hryn

Liliya Hryn is an art and documentary photographer from Belarus. A student of the St. Petersburg Academy of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism «Fotografika».

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