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Project “SvetOdin”

Project “SvetOdin”
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – May 2019. Self portrait in state of depression.

There are days when the illusory world comes into reality. All that once slipped out suddenly become tangible. Gives strength and confidence. This feeling important to remember and keep it.

Everything described below is based on real events. Sometimes depression may feel like a condemnation, but there is a way out. I came to this conclusion by the accident.

Ones I have tried medicine, which is my completely changed my life. This medicine gave me a number of features that ordinary people do not possess. The water turned into wine in contact with the skin. And the matches exploded, turning into pigeons. About the rest I’ll keep silent the necessary abilities. There is one property of the drug that may seem weird. It only works when you are really sick. As soon as you start to deal with your own life it turns into a dummy, and you forget about its existence. I was lucky enough because I kept the images that came. Now everything is over. That experience was so unbelievable to me, that Is why it turned my life upside down.

A little more about the drug, which is able to create images in the head, which then were captured. «Svetodin” is a drug that cannot be found in a pharmacy at any time.

Only in very difficult moments of life does it become possible to get it. May come a letter in the mail with a link to its purchase or someone just put it under the door.

It is not known for certain who invented it, who arranged its supply, but the fact that it saves lives.

I can confirm my own experience.

Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – May 2019. In a dream, you feel calmer.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – May 2019. The appearance of “SvetOdin”.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – May 2019. The world is changing.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – June 2019. Dreams become reality
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – June 2019. self portrait with the drug.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – June 2019. the drug comes into my life.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – June 2019. Drug packaging.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – July 2019. Change for the better.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – July 2019. The war with oneself is over.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – July 2019. The cat from dreams has become real.
Russia, Novokuybyshevsk – July 2019. freedom from depression.
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Eugene Bulubash

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